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old bay

The bay hotel

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The Bay will allow guests to relish in their passion for the brand and the food it elevates. It will blend its dependable legacy with fearless design to transport guests through past, present, and future.

EXTERIOR-Old Bay Isometric-06.png

A heritage-laced, dynamic blend of colors and materials, funky art, and industrial exposure create a melting pot for adventurous souls, food aficionados, and thrill-seekers. 

The lobby

The lobby is the crux of your Bay Hotel experience. Enjoy a signature Bloody Mary while you kick your feet up at the lobby bar or snag some Old Bay swag at the gift shop. This funky environment makes the perfect Instagram backdrop. 

LOBBY-Old Bay Isometric-01.png

Designs by Emilee Lampert


Chow down on Old Bay deviled eggs or nachos while overlooking the Baltimore Harbor. Take it a step further and learn to make your own Old Bay dishes from the hotel’s executive chef.

BAYSIDE-Old Bay Isometric-03.png

Designs by Emilee Lampert

The Bayground

Open for guests and locals alike, the rooftop is the ultimate playground for Old Bay lovers. Enjoy mini putt-putt and arcade games while you try Old Bay seasoned spicy street tacos and boardwalk fries.

BAYGROUND-Old Bay Isometric-04.png

Designs by Emilee Lampert


Baltimore, MD

The Bay Hotel will open its first location in Fells Point, Maryland.


Old Bay is considered an iconic symbol for Maryland so selecting its first territory was a no-brainer. Baltimore is a prime location because it is home to many loyal brand consumers and has a vibrant tourism and seafood market - which was used as criteria that identified future Bay Hotel locations.

Santa monica, CA

Charleston, sc

The Ask

Design a profitable space for Old Bay, a brand that currently does not have a physical retail establishment.

The challenge

How can Old Bay celebrate its loyal fan base while also appealing to a new market? 


Brand Truth: Old Bay offers a simple way to spice up an ordinary meal.

Consumer Truth: People travel to get away from their mundane routines.

Consumers are highly valuing experiences and especially travel, as they see it as a way to break their usual routines. The travel industry is expected to grow by over 150 million by 2025 and even with COVID in the mix, it’s projected that travel will skyrocket post-pandemic.

The opportunity

Create a bold hospitality experience expanding the brand past the pantry, encouraging food-lovers and adventurous souls to come together and transform their ordinary.

The team

Kimberly Burgess (CBM), Jonathan Castaneda (CBM), Emilee Lampert (CBM), Bradley Wells (CBM)

My Role

Conducted brand research

Developed and identified key audience segments

Conducted new market research

Interviewed a new market realtor

Floor plan layout creation

Crafted narrative