The Playzone Project

The Playzone Project

We find a good spot.

We roll up our sleeves. And we grow a playground overnight.

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The clues

Final LEGO Mock-ups Clue 2.jpg

The Ask


Create a powerful idea that puts creative play back on the agenda and show how kids can realize great things when they are left to play.

Play is not just under threat - it’s completely inaccessible for some.

Those that need play the most are kids living in urban areas that come from lower-income households. LEGO has an opportunity to put creative play back on the agenda and bring places of play to the communities that need it the most.

The opportunity

This is The Playzone Project, a program that brings playgrounds, recreation, and other unique and vibrant places of play to the communities that need it the most.


We create buzz for the Project by leaving “LEGO-crumbs” across the borough leading towards the future site of the playground. We leverage LEGO’s unmistakable design by replacing everyday sights with LEGO creations and structures. And finally, we erect a full-sized, LEGO-themed playground overnight, using recognizable characters, designs, and pure, blocky joy to bring more children into the vital outdoor play space.

We build the Playzone, they build great memories. And it all starts with a single brick.

The team

Katie Brents (AD), Jonathan Castaneda (CBM), Charlotte Robins (ST), Shaw Schiappacasse (CW)

My Role

Conducted brand, category, and consumer research

Collaborated with strategic partner
Developed narrative with copywriter

Presentation design and creation

Led team meetings