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Gucci x Nps

Moda verde

MODA VERDE is a program that brings together the people who give a damn.

MODA VERDE is a style that lasts forever, even when nothing else will.​

MODA VERDE is a movement that seeks to save the world and look good doing it.

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Moda Verde is a collaborative volunteer program between Gucci and the National Parks Service, with the primary objective of cleaning up the planet.

The volunteer program

User Dashboard

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The apparel

Earned, not bought.


The Ask

Re-envision an underperforming or perceptually-challenged brand by leveraging existing equity; mainlining cultural thought leadership; and using expected [or unexpected] platforms.

The challenge

How can we leverage the GUCCI standard in National Parks so that they can continue to preserve our landscape for future generations to come?


Shared Brand Truth: Gucci is made to last. National parks are meant to last.

Shared Consumer Truth: Consumers are appreciators, aspirational, and investment driven. 

Gucci has achieved a level of standard that encompasses appreciation for timeless beauty, a feeling of fulfillment and aspiration, and an understanding of the importance of investing in pieces that provide long-term benefits beyond the current moment. 

The opportunity

Our path to introducing the Gucci standard to the National parks starts with changing the behavior of visitors to the parks. Promoting good habits and encouraging people to be proper stewards of their National park experience is essential to maintaining the sustainability of the parks for generations to come. Gucci has the clout to be able to influence these behavior changes by mobilizing a loyal fanbase that lives by this gucci standard and inspiring them to become engaged in national park preservation through a rewards driven volunteer program.


A limited line of merchandise created solely for those willing to dedicate their time to making the parks a better place and will help bring awareness to an issue (irresponsible behavior) that currently plagues national parks. 


Changing behavior begins with awareness and culminates in inspired reform.

The team

Hannah Berling (AD), Adam DeBruler (AD), Jonathan Castaneda (CBM), Nana Dadzie (ST), Dennis Liu (XD), Shaw Schiappacasse (CW), Angel Song (CBM), Nick Vega (XD)

My Role

Conducted brand, category, and consumer research for both brands.

Collaborated with strategic partner
Developed narrative with copywriter

Presentation design and creation

Led team meetings