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Brand Messaging

about the project

Lumastic is an online startup created as a workplace for creatives to connect, collaborate, and make sh*t happen. The brand encourages its community of users to share progress, not perfection. 

For this project, two teams were selected to work with and develop the brand. Ultimately, both teams decided to collaborate to deliver our client a strong brand identity. Other deliverables included an updated UI for their platform.

lumastic white logo.png

Who we are

Lumastic is an open ideation and co-creation platform for entrepreneurs, makers and future-shapers who are on the precipice of genius but don’t know where to jump.


We aren’t user-centric. We’re creator-centric.

core beliefs

We believe failures have purpose.

We believe good feedback is creative kerosene.

We believe dreamers must also be doers and that doing cannot be done alone.

What we do

We maximize human potentiality through collective creativity, accountability and collaboration.

why it matters

Lumastic is here for the moments of growth between Pin and Post. Because the only thing harder than sharing your work with the world is working through it.

The team

Katie Brents (AD), Jonathan Castaneda (CBM), Nana Dadzie (ST), Francine Jackson (AD), Dennis Liu (XD), Courtney Robinson (CW), Chandler Saunders (ST), Angel Song (CBM)

My Role

Conducted brand, category, and consumer research

Conducted stakeholder and service user interviews

Collaborated with strategic partners
Developed narrative with a team of brand managers

Partnered with copywriter to refine brand messaging

Led and organized team meetings